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Jenny Thurner           

Jenny Thurner is a Pediatric Physical Therapist who thrives on overall infant development and early parenthood. After graduating with her Doctorate of PT in 2009, she has worked in many pediatric settings. With the drive to continue to learn to better support her little patients, she is also a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, licensed Learn With Less® Facilitator, TummyTime!™ Method clinician, and craniosacral fascial therapy provider through the Gillespie Approach. She also wrote Healthy Baby Habits: Help Your Baby Dominate Development.

Through her private PT practice, Valpo Therapy Kids, LLC, she helps new parents and caregivers find ways to support their baby or toddler's motor, educational, social, and emotional experiences. She offers a variety of Enrichment Classes for parents and caregivers for babies birth to 36 months. She is grateful to all the families who have allowed her to be a part of their child's life because they are her best teachers.

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