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Cresencia Felty

Dr. Cresencia Felty is a naturopathic doctor like no other. She personally understands chronic illness and how to restore balance, peace, self healing, and wellness into the body. She will listen to your story, learn about you and all the factors that impact you, and then provide individualized solutions to achieve your desired results. No more guessing about diets, supplements, lab work, hormones, and symptoms. You will learn the root causes of your concerns and how to resolve them naturally. You can optimize your mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, and physical health.


Dr. Felty understands that you are unique and a one size fits all approach simply doesn't work anymore. She will help you create real change within your life that works with your schedule, lifestyle, culture, and needs. Dr. Felty has worked with various holistic practitioners from all over the world, learning different methods to heal and connect the mind, body, and spirit. She has learned about the power of diet, lifestyle, mindfulness, childhood experiences, environmental toxins, detoxification, digestion, spirituality, nervous system regulation, and community when it comes to health and healing. Her role is not a doctor, but as a guide, consultant, and fellow human to support you on your wellness journey. 


Dr. Felty specializes in gut health, women's health, mental health, psychedelic healing, and trauma. You deserve to feel your best and Dr. Felty can show you how. Consultations available for adults and children. 

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Scheduling #: 872-245-0035

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